How do flowers bloom in hell? // Workshop on trans demands

6th community organised Thessaloniki Pride

*Workshop will be held in english.

How do flowers bloom in hell? The demands of the trans movement for a better life in a transphobic world.

What does it mean to be trans and also live in the world?

And what happens when you are also a woman, a refugee, a disabled person, or someone with mental illness? These are some of the questions we will be discussing in our workshop, if only just to say being trans is hard. And being a trans person with multiple marginalized identities is harder.

So, we start with the simplest of questions; what do we need to survive? And what does it take to move past asking for the bare necessity of survival? For us, it starts with community. Which means, it starts with you.

Thessaloniki Open Assembly for the International Trans Day of Remebrance

REclaim Pride

Workshop will be held in english.

Wednesday 18.5
Parko Tsepis
Michail & Agapinou corner
Kamara area, centre of Thessaloniki


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